Halle Berry to Pay $16,000 a Month in Child Support & That’s Not All

When you make big bucks, you pay big when it comes to child support. Even if your ex happens to make a comparatively large amount of money himself. Halle Berry has been ordered to pay $16,000 per month in child support to her ex-boyfriend and father to 6-year-old Nahla, Gabriel Aubry. Berry and Aubry split custody of Nahla 50/50 but because of the differences in their income, Berry will be forking over quite a bit of money. Berry will pay $16,000 each month until Nahla is 19 years old or graduates high school, whichever comes first. In addition, she will pay for Nahla's school tuition, 50 percent of her healthcare expenses, a retroactive payment to Aubry in the amount of $115,000, and $300,000 to his attorneys.

Berry and Aubry split in 2010. Their custody case began back in 2012 and their initial agreement was made. At this time, a judge also blocked Berry from relocating to France with the couple's daughter and her now-husband Olivier Martinez.

According to court documents filed on May 30, Berry made $4.7 million in the nine months leading up to Sept. 30, 2012 while Aubry's gross income was $192,921 in a 12 month period around the same time. With nearly $200,000, Aubry isn't exactly scraping by, but it's still a far cry from $4.7 million which is why Berry is responsible for such a large portion of Nahla's support.

In addition to Nahla, Berry has an 8-month-old son, Maceo, with Martinez.