Here's A Keg You Can Have In The Office

Picture this. It’s a sweltering summer's evening and the darkened dorm room is teeming with sweaty college students grinding to hypnotic beats. Suddenly, a backwards-cap wearing frat boy in a fluorescent tank ushers everyone to the nearby keg… where he pours them each a mug of artisanal cold-brew coffee. Thanks to Queens-based Joyride Coffee Distributors and their iced coffee kegerators, this could be the way of the future.

In recent months, Joyride's 5-gallon coffee kegs have been installed in offices across New York and San Francisco. Companies like BuzzFeed and Twitter have drunk the cold-brew Kool-Aid, making coffee kegs the new (caffeinated) office water cooler. Many employees have taken to Twitter to express their excitement over, or desire for, a Joyride keg.

Founded in 2010 by brothers David, Adam, and Noah Belanich, Joyride began with coffee trucks, before installing their first coffee keg in a Gawker office last May. As Adam recently explained to the New York Post "People drink coffee in three places — home, work and a café can only get good coffee in two of those places." Unless you're a barista, that's too true. Joyride single-origin cold-brew coffee is light years ahead of your standard cup of office coffee in terms of quality. Unlike hot coffee, cold-brew is filtered through cold water, allowing the coffee to retain its flavor and keep from tasting too acidic (This is often done through a filtration system that oddly resembles the copper pipes used to make moonshine).

Here’s to hoping college students pick up on the trend. Cold-brew kegs would make a far classier alternative to the standard Natty Light ones at college ragers — not to mention give a new meaning to the phrase “pre-gaming.” Oh, and no ID needed. Someone should let Lil Jon know it’s time to change the lyrics to “Shots” — soon we’ll be sipping on single origin instead of Patron...

Images: Joyride Coffee Distributors