Seattle Doctor Caught Sexting 64 Times During 7 Surgeries, Is Promptly Suspended

You don't have to search the Internet too long before stumbling upon a slew of failed sexts — otherwise known as sexually explicit messages and images — or a story about someone caught sexting under less than desirable circumstances, or someone else getting arrested for it. But one Seattle doctor is so into it that he can't help but do it while he is performing surgery... yes, during surgery. I feel oh-so-safe if I need surgery now, don't you? Perhaps the people of Seattle feel a little bit better, now that Arthur K. Zilberstein's medical license has been suspended.

Zilberstein, a 47-year-old anesthesiologist who is contracted with Swedish Medical Center through Physicians Anesthesia Services, allegedly sent roughly 250 sexts between April 2013 and August 2013. One catch: All of them were sent during a variety of surgeries and medical procedures, ranging from epidurals and cardiac-probe insertions to appendectomies and C-sections, formally known as Cesarean deliveries.

In one surgery alone, Zilberstein allegedly sent 26 sexts. In a 90 minute stomach surgery, he sent 45 sexts. But his all-time-record seems to be 64 sexts sent on one day, across seven different surgeries, in July 2013. That's commitment to sexting. Seriously.

The fun doesn't stop there. According to the official charges, Zilberstein invited his girlfriend to the hospital via text and just hours later, sent her a sext. But he didn't stop at his girlfriend. He allegedly sexted a patient images of his genitals while dressed in his scrubs in the hospital. Other alleged incidents include engaging in sexual acts while at the hospital (this isn't Grey's Anatomy, folks), perusing medical records of patients for his own sexual satisfaction, and prescribed numerous prescriptions that were not authorized.

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According to a Washington State Health Authorities, Zilberstein's "lack of focus on patient care while providing anesthesia services for hospital-based surgical procedures routinely fell below the standard of care and put patients at unreasonable risk of harm."

At this point, health officials haven't disclosed how they found out what Zilberstein was doing. For now, he has 20 days from the date he was charged to issue a response. A spokesman for Swedish Medical Center says the hospital is also internally investigating Zilberstein.

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One thing is for sure: This anesthesiologist isn't the only one sexting on the job. In an unrelated article, the FBI issued an internal report to deter employees from sexting after a bunch of cases popped up. FBI employees work on BlackBerries, which are meant to be for official use only, and this report is meant to tell employees that sexting is inappropriate in the workplace, and even outside the workplace on an FBI-issued mobile device.

Of course, we know texting while driving is a serious no-no, but of course sexting while driving is becoming a problem. One 38-year-old woman in the Detroit area was found to be sexting while driving. Making matters worse, she was also intoxicated.

What's next... pilots sexting while flying? Please, please, no.

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