Oregon High School Shooting Leaves One Student Dead, As Well As One Gunman

On Tuesday, morning, police in Troutdale, Oregon — about 16 miles east of Portland — confirmed that shots were fired at Reynolds High School, killing one student, this morning, shortly after 8 a.m. local time. At 9:20 a.m., the sheriff's office confirmed that a suspected shooter is dead, as well as one student victim, which was confirmed at 10 a.m. Police have not yet confirmed if the gunman was a student at Reynolds. So far no other deaths have been reported, but authorities say that at least one teacher was injured, with possible other injuries being reported.

AP has reported that one student was killed, as well as the gunman. Local CBS affiliate KOIN reports that a SWAT team, 60 members of the police force and 19 medical personnel are currently on the scene. A Lifeflight helicopter has also landed at the scene and departed shortly after, but it is unconfirmed if there was a patient on board.

Students from the 2,800-person high school are currently being evacuated as police conduct a room-by-room search. USA Today reports that there are 40-50 units on site. Students are being bused to supermarket parking lot where parents are asked to meet them. The school released a statement that completely clearing the school could take at least two hours. There is currently a list of students being formulated, but has not yet been released.

Reynolds High School is the 74th school shooting since Sandy Hook in December 2012. This shooting comes two days after a young married couple killed two police officer's and a shopper in Las Vegas, and less than a month after Elliot Rodgers killed six people in the Isla Vista shootings.