New 'Transformers' Spot Gets Philosophical

by Alanna Bennett

Judgment day has come for the giant shape-shifting robots, you guys. At least according to the latest promo spot for Transformers: Age Of Extinction . "The rules have changed," after all, at least according to Optimus Prime?

So I guess this is sort of the Dark Knight Rises of the Transformers franchise? Where they've turned the giant shape-shifting robots into the underdogs so that it can be all the sweeter when we get to see one robot riding another, more giant dinosaur robot? I don't remember that happening to Batman but I could dig it.

Age Of Extinction's shaping up to be a classic Michael Bay film, with all the explosions and masses of CGI and the Mark Wahlberg standing in for all of America. They also get all sorts of forlornly philosophical in this extended TV spot, what with the "how many more of my kind must be sacrificed?" It really makes you feel for the weird robot aliens — their plight might even have a resonating allegory to the real world this time around!

In addition to Wahlberg Age Of Extinction also features TJ Miller, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Reynor, and Nicola Peltz. It comes out June 27, so prepare yourselves for every child in your life asking when they can get their hands on the dinosaur transformer merch.

Image: Paramount