'Orange is the New Black's Fake Band Sideboob Has a Real Album — LISTEN

Did you already finish binge watching the new season of Orange is the New Black ? (If you haven't, this post contains minor spoilers.) Well, now you can fill that OITNB void in your life with the show's fake band Sideboob which has real album. That's right. Joe Caputo's bar band has three real songs and you can purchase their debut album for three dollars. The digital record features "You Slay Me" and "The Scorcerers" plus the enigmatic, metaphorical song "Workers in the Mine" which is not about actual mine workers, Healy!

If you head over to Sideboob's Bandcamp page, you can read about their musical journey from The Albert Roth Project to the eventual smash hit that is Sideboob. The reason behind the name switch? Band member "Gabe wore a tank top to the neighborhood pool and his wife wouldn't stop commenting on how much SIDEBOOB he was showing." Obviously he and his buds thought that was a great band title and they're right.

Inspired by "a wide variety of sources ranging from classic rock to arena rock" Sideboob is definitely one fictional band you don't want to miss out on. And even if their Bandcamp backstory is made up (the real songs were written by the group Adopted Highways), it's fun to own a little piece of Orange is the New Black. You can stick the album on your iPod along with all that "Fleet Foxes and shit!” as inmate Gonzalez calls it.

Listen to their self-described "best song to date" below and check out the full album here.

Image: Netflix