'RHONY': Carole Tells It Like It Is

While watching this week's Real Housewives of New York episode — "Sex, Lies, and Facials" — one thing has become strikingly clear to me: Carole Radziwill is my favorite. And she's probably yours too. As if being a best-selling and renowned author wasn't enough, girl proves time and time again why she's so awesome: Her quick-witted comebacks and overall penchant for honesty make her far more watchable than her other cohorts. On a show that is so rife with drama and gossip (but if we're being honest, that stuff serves it's purpose, too — It's enticing TV, damn it!), Carole is a breath of fresh air. Listen, I understand what I'm getting myself into when tuning into a Housewives show, but it sure is nice to see a woman rise above it all and come out of this whole ordeal still looking sane. It really is.

What's more, Carole is our Greek chorus, the camera cutting to her reactions or her confessional after something particularly peculiar or drastic happens during an episode. Her deadpan delivery and dry sense of humor always serves as a stark contrast to the topsy-turvy housewife dimension the ladies operate in. Carole is the show's foil, playing with Aviva's obsession with the long dress and refusing to play into idle gossip by psychoanalyzing Sonja's deliberate attempt to dodge questions about the whole sleeping-with-Russ ordeal. Case in point, Carole's got this housewife business on lock and can now maneuver this strange phenomenon however she sees fit.

Carole's obliterated that fourth wall. She speaks directly to what the viewers are thinking and mostly, it sounds something like — What the hell?!

Keep on doing you, Carole.

Image: Bravo; Giphy