Spanx Launching a Denim Line is Either the Best or Worst News Your Thighs Will Get All Week

UGH jeans shopping, am I right? Jeans are confusing because they are supposed to be the Holy Grail of comfort, but they actually make me feel like a stuffed sausage most of the time because finding ones that fit properly is near impossible. And let's face it — yoga pants are what we actually throw on when we want to relax. Thankfully, there are some companies who are working toward jeans that are actually body-friendly. Now your favorite shapewear brand is joining the competition. Yup, Spanx is launching a denim line.

Spanx denim will debut in July as part of founder Sara Blakely's plan to take over your entire closet. "I see Spanx as a lifestyle brand that is delighting women in making things fit better and feel better on the body and not just through compression,” Blakely told WWD. “We’re known for making you look thinner and more toned, but it can just be about a better cut and fit.”

The shapewear brand already offers denim leggings (yes, jeggings), but this new endeavor is the first foray into real pants. Spanx will offer two styles: the Signature, described as high-waisted with a wide waistband, side zipper for a smooth fit, and a 10.5-inch rise; and the Slim X, a five-pocket jean complete with stomach control panel 9.25-inch rise. Both styles will cost $148 and will come in skinny, straight, and boot-cut silhouettes.

I must admit that I was super skeptical about Spanx denim at first. Shapewear can be damaging to your health and not very comfortable, so when I heard "Spanx jeans" I imagined a pair of pants that suctions to your legs like a vacuum sealed plastic bag. Not exactly a great alternative to your average saggy-in-the-butt pair from H&M. But reading about the product gave me hope. These sound like real jeans with a bit of slimming material and some stretch. I'm also glad they come in a variety of cuts so that women can decide which look feels best for their wardrobe or stock up on them all. Maybe Spanx denim will end our jean-shopping woes for good!

Image: spanx/Instagram