How to Watch 'Suits' Online & Stay on Louis' Good Side

Just when we were beginning to wonder how the series would overcome Mike’s conundrum, USA’s Suits will return for a fourth season on Wednesday with a completely new MO. When the fun and sophisticated series returns, for once our boy wonder won’t be wasting away at a big-time legal firm, thanks to his new job as an investment banker.

Mike no longer has to worry about people finding out about his little secret and can finally focus on his relationship with Rachel instead. But the career move could put another one of his relationships in jeopardy. In the latest trailer for the series, Mike serves Harvey with a subpoena. And there is absolutely no way that was just a friendly joke. No one drops off legal papers to a friend and walks away without putting a sizable dent in their relationship.

As addicting as Suits is, it's often difficult to catch live. There is nothing wrong with sleep taking priority in your life, or hanging out with real friends instead of Mike and Harvey. However neither of those things need to get in the way of you watching the Suits season premiere, since there are plenty of ways to watch it after it airs at 9 p.m. Here are your options for watching it online ASAP.

Take Action with USA's Website

Up for watching the episode on your tablet, phone, or computer? Then look no further than USA's website. You’ll have to verify your cable subscription to watch it, or have access to one from a charitable friend (hint, hint). Otherwise, all you’ll get are short teaser clips. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t appear on Hulu, so this the only “free” online streaming you’re going to get.

Close the Deal & Own It Forever

The usual trio: Apple, Amazon, and Google, will all have Suits episodes available for purchase. A season pass will cost you $24.99 on iTunes and $29.99 on Google Play, or you can buy individual episodes from iTunes or Amazon for $2.99 each. With those price tags come more options for streaming and the ability to add the episodes to your growing personal library, because you know you’re going to want to watch Donna’s quips on repeat.

Wait for the On Demand Appearance

On Demand can be tricky; you basically have to hope that luck is on your side and your cable provider’s On Demand feature will make the latest Suits episodes available via the set-top box or online. It seems like a risky for dedicated fans who can't wait very long to catch the latest episode, so be sure to consider all of your options.

Ask/Beg/Trick a Friend

Okay. Here’s what you do. First, have a friend who DVRs Suits. Then casually remind them of an old breakup or other emotional event from their past. Keep the conversation going until you note tear formation or they're otherwise suitably distracted, and then, slyly pick up the remote and turn on Suits. Now comes the tricky part: determine if the best route would be to pretend to listen to their woes while really catching up on your favorite show or go for the "I want to help you by avoiding all emotions and instead watching this awesome show."

Or you could just ask them if you can watch the episode, whatever works best for you.

Get ready for Wednesday's premiere by watching the trailer below.

Images: USA Network, SongsinSuits/Tumblr