One of The 'Full House' Guys is Engaged

He may have been a forever bachelor on Full House, but Dave Coulier is a soon-to-be married man. Us Weekly reports that Dave Coulier is engaged to long-time girlfriend Melissa Bring. Coulier told the magazine that he is lucky to be marrying his "best friend" (aww!) and that she "doesn't mind his bad gas problem," which immediately killed any sweetness to that statement because, uh, gross. We watched Dave Coulier play Joey Gladstone on Full House for years, but his fiancé is less familiar. Who is Melissa Bring?

Well, like Coulier, she is in the entertainment business — just a different side of it. Bring is a producer and photographer whose media company, Bring Media, creates content like behind-the-scenes fashion videos and book trailers. Bring also does entertainment photography through Bring Media, and even shot a gorgeous photo of Coulier's Full House co-star, Jodie Sweetin. (AKA Stephanie!) If Coulier is the funny guy in the relationship, then Bring is certainly the creative spirit.

Bring and Coulier have reportedly been dating since 2005, which means that they're certainly not rushing anything. Their relationship is definitely going better than Coulier's previous one with Alanis Morissette — rumor has it that Coulier was the subject of her infamous breakup tune "You Oughta Know" which doesn't exactly paint him in the greatest light.

Luckily, Bring isn't a singer and the couple seems extremely happy to start this new chapter in their lives. Congrats, you two!