Neymar's Relationship Status? It's Complicated

by Lia Beck

Are you getting excited for the World Cup? You should be! The World Cup begins on Thursday with a game between Brazil and Croatia meaning that you'll get a look at one of the tournament's most exciting players: Brazilian soccer player Neymar. The game will surely build up anxiety for you as you wait for one of the teams to just please score a freakin' goal, but it also might make you curious about the players' personal lives, particularly whether or not they're in relationships. When it comes to Brazil's most popular player, the answer is yes, Neymar has a girlfriend named Gabriella Lenzi.

Or at least it seems like she's who he's dating. I'll explain.

According to a May 14 article from the Daily Mail, Neymar was dating Lenzi, a model and fashion student, and took her to visit Spain where he plays soccer for FC Barcelona. This relationship was first reported by the newspaper in April. Now here's where things get confusing, according to the fan website NeymarJr.net, Neymar may be back together with his ex-girlfriend, a soap opera actress named Bruna Marquezine who he split up with in January. A post written on June 3 says that Neymar and Marquezine could be dating again because she attended a Brazilian National Team practice and an accompanying video shows the two flirting in a parking lot. Ah! Young love! So confusing!

Bruna Marquezine:

Buda Mendes/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Gabriella Lenzi:

Judging by the wonderful resource that is Instagram, Lenzi was in New York City as of June 10 which would be suspicious if they were dating. Gotta go to your boo's big game, right? Then again, maybe she's flying back down to Brazil right before kick-off. Marquezine, on the other hand, is... uh, busy wearing really cute outfits. That doesn't help much.

Clearly, the love life of Neymar is a little complicated and kept very much under wraps, but it seems that he's at least dating either Lenzi or Marquezine. Or no one. No one is still an option and no third or fourth ladies have been thrown into the mix as of yet. Here, ease your confused mind with Neymar and an unbelievably cute puppy:

Ah! Is that the same puppy in Lenzi's photo?! Conspiracy theory!

Images: Gabriella Lenzi/Instagram; Neymar/Instagram