Watch Uzo Aduba Play Every 'OITNB' Character

As if you weren't already totally obsessed with Uzo Aduba from Orange Is The New Black , this Funny Or Die faux audition that shows her playing every OINTB character you can think of will definitely make you fall in love all over agin. Aduba isn't just a versatile actress, she's also an eloquent writer and all around legend, but this audition reel is enough to convince even the biggest critic that Aduba was born to play Susanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren. (That said, I challenge you to watch her audition for the part of Poussey without falling off your chair. Skeet skeet, c'est le merde, skeet skeet!)

What's most surprising, though, is how seriously accurate Aduba's depiction of Piper Chapman is. Her delivery is on point, and besides, if you squint a lot and stand across the room from your computer screen, she kinda looks like Taylor Schilling in that wig. Right?

The Alex impression isn't too shabby either, although Alex impressions on OINTB are pretty high standard, generally speaking (remember when Nicky did that awesome impression towards the beginning of Season 2? Oh, you haven't gotten there yet? WELL GET EXCITED). Aduba would have been a worthy part of the OITNB ensemble as any character, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad that she ended up as good old Crazy Eyes.

She's the best. Watch: