Well, That's Not Very Nice

Everyone loves to quote Mean Girls. It's pretty much a fact. But, apparently, not everyone thinks the sarcastic quips are very funny. Australian retailer Cotton On is under fire for selling several items with one of the movie's most famous one-liners: "You can't sit with us." While funny and cute, shoppers, especially parents, were outraged, wagging their fingers at Cotton On for promoting bullying. According to The New Zealand Herald, Cotton On has since pulled the Mean Girls clothing and accessories line.

The slogan was printed on an array of different items, including t-shirts, purses, and clutches. Soon after the line went on sale, shoppers turned to their social media accounts, sharing their disappointment in the retailer. One shopper posted the above photo on Cotton On's Facebook page, with the following comment: "Wasn't aware that Cotton On supports bullying statements and discrimination on their accessories... Not such a lovely thing for high school students and Tweens to be carrying around. I would be so disappointed to see any of my little sisters or any girl carrying this around."

Another shopper said, "Really, Cotton On? I know it's a quote from Mean Girls and I know it is meant to be cute but don't we have enough trouble with bullying? #nobullys #retail fail." One Facebook user suggested, "Why can't it say, 'Do you want to hang out with us?'"

It's one thing to sell Mean Girls inspired items to adult women, but another when your main demographic is a bunch of impressionable young pre-teens and teenagers. Although I totally chuckled when I first saw the items in question, I realized how awful it would be to see someone else carrying it as an insecure middle schooler trying to make friends at the school cafeteria.

Since then, however, Cotton On has pulled the item from the shelves and released this statement: "The product range has been voluntarily withdrawn from sale, pending a formal investigation. This is a business underpinned by a sound moral and ethical code. The Cotton On Group does not condone bullying on any level and takes matters such as this very seriously."

There are literally hundreds of other incredible quotes that could have been used, Cotton On! How about a crop tee that reads, "You Go Glen Coco," or a reusable tote that says, "Whatever, I'm Getting Cheese Fries." I would snatch those up immediately.

Image: Anna Scripps/Facebook