Puff Daddy Sits On The Iron Throne In New Music Video for "I Want the Love" — VIDEO

Everybody wants to sit on the Iron Throne, even people beyond the walls of Westeros. Of those non-fictional characters, the most prominent (for now) may be Puff Daddy, whose new Game of Thrones inspired video for "I Want the Love," puts him in the coveted seat. Somewhere, Stannis is seething. Sorry, dude, even the Lord of Light can't give you a rap record deal.

Of course, the video isn't totally set in Westeros. It's got snow mobiles, which would have probably been useful in the Battle of Castle Black in last week's episode, but yeah, they don't have gas-powered vehicles in Game of Thrones. (Also, Bran could use a snow mobile instead of using Hodor as his human-mobile, but I digress.)

The video is pretty much just a testament to much the rapper loves the show — but who doesn't? If I had a zillion dollars and the opportunity to make my own video, I would totally make it Game of Thrones themed, too, except I'd be Arya Stark, and The Hound and I would be BALLIN' and rollin' through the Riverlands/The Vale/wherever the hell they are right now.

Bottom line: hip hop loves Game of Thrones. The Catch The Throne mix tape was a success, so we perhaps this means Puff Daddy will usurp Sigur Ros and rap "The Rains of Castemere" at the next wedding in Westeros...

PuffDaddyVEVO on YouTube

Image: Youtube