Who Is Mario Balotelli's New Fiance?

by Lia Beck

One of the top players of the 2014 World Cup has taken to the opportunity to have two of the biggest events in his life coincide. Italian soccer player Mario Balotelli is engaged to his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha and he proposed only days before the World Cup kicks off. So, yeah, if you're here because you were wondering if Mario Balotelli has a girlfriend, the answer is no, but he does have a fiancé. Booya!

Balotelli revealed the news on Instagram Monday with a photo of the location where he proposed and the ring of Neguesha's finger. He captioned the pic, "She said yes.. The most important yes in my life. That was the place of my question! I Love you and happy birthday too! Je t'aime my WIFE." Neguesha followed up the sentiment by posting the same photo on her Instagram account and adding, "Tonight, I said the most important yes of my Life. That was the best present for my birthday! I love you first and unique husband." Oh yeah, it was also her birthday! Balotelli might have some wedding planning coming up, but this Saturday he'll need to focus on soccer when Italy plays their first game of the 2014 World Cup against England.

But enough about Barotelli! We already know that he's a skilled footballer who channels all of his skills through his mohawk. What about Neguesha? What's her deal?

Here's a few facts about Fanny Neguesha:

  • She's a model.
  • She's from Belgium.
  • She loves selfies: (Like, she really loves them, she posted two new ones while I was writing this article.)
  • And crazy heels:
  • She has a little dog and he doesn't like selfies that much:

If you watch any of Italy's games during the World Cup, be sure to pay attention during the crowd shots. You might just spot, Neguesha. She'll be the really gorgeous one rooting for Italy and probably holding her phone.

Images: Mario Balotelli/Instagram; Fanny Neguesha/Instagram