More of This 'Fosters' Guy for Everyone!

by Christine DiStasio

Get excited Fosters fans. Two months ago MTV released a sneak peek of Finding Carter , the network's new drama series starring British Skins alum Kathryn Prescott and it was fun, whimsical, and full of self-serve fro-yo despite being about child abduction. But in the midst of all of that fun, you probably missed something important — The Fosters' Alex Saxon aka Wyatt has a leading role in this series. In the new trailer for Finding Carter we get a lot more of the drama the series has to offer (appropriately) and Wyatt in all of his floppy-haired glory.

Just look at him in that photo. Ugh! I just can't look away.

Okay, in the sneak peek for the new MTV drama, we saw a brief flirtation between the show's main character, Carter, and Saxon's character, Max. But he could've just been any old guy she felt magically connected to while riding an abandoned merry-go-round. In the new trailer, we see that there's a lot more to their relationship and, well, Max is exactly like Wyatt and Carter is his Callie.

Finding Carter, as you probably guessed, follows the story of Carter Stevens (or at least, that's who she thought she was) after she finds out that she was abducted as a 3-year-old and raised by her kidnapper. Creepy as hell, right? Especially because her kidnapper/mom is kind of awesome. After getting arrested, she's reunited with her birth parents because, well, that's justice. And she has to learn to be a part of this family that really knows nothing about her. For all of my Fosters fans out there, does this whole "learning to be a part of a family" thing sound familiar to you? It should — because that's Callie Jacobs right there.

Carter has a hard time with her birth mom and joining this family that seems to have been doing just fine without her, naturally. And Max, who appears to be the only remaining factor from her old life, is there being supportive and asking her all the right questions. Carter's life is complicated and she's not adapting — essentially being a Callie — and Max's there being her love interest/inspirational rock aka Wyatt all the way.

Aside from the brief introduction to Saxon's role in the series, the new trailer for Finding Carter is pretty damn great anyway. Watch it here:

Image: MTV