What Does Morello Really Sound Like?

Busy binge watching Orange Is The New Black? Bowled over by Morello's big reveal? If you haven't watched it yet, don't worry, I'll be sensitive to your binge watching needs and save you from any spoilers. But I do have an even bigger reveal about Morello: the sound of OITNB actress Yael Stone's actual voice. WHAAT? You mean that signature thick accent isn't real? Nope, not at all. And not-quite-spoiler alert: she's actually Australian.

That's right! She's not from New Jersey, New York, or even the United States. She's an Aussie all right, and she sounds nothing like the character she plays on OINTB. Of course, this only helps in her plight to fend off any people who see her on the street and shout, "MORELLO!" in a vehement attempt to get her attention.

So how did she come up with this defining accent in the first place? Musical theater fans will be delighted to hear that she drew a little bit of inspiration from Adelaide in Guys And Dolls (my first assumption was Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors ), but Stone says for the most part, the voice just came to her. Good thing it did! Can you imagine OINTB without her interpretation of Morello? I know I can't. That prisoner gal is twisted, but she's a damn good character.

Check out the video below and hear her real voice for yourself!