A Look at Brad & Shia's New Film

Shia LaBeouf may not be famous anymore, but he's still a movie star. Case in point: Shia LaBeouf's starring with Brad Pitt in Fury, a World War II movie that looks like a lot of other World War II movies, but this time it's got Brad Pitt! Oh, and Logan Lerman, too. The first footage of the film was just released, not in trailer format but rather through a featurette-type thing. So let's take a look at what this one's got in store for that heavily-documented segment of history.

Michael Peña, who co-stars with Pitt, LaBeouf, and Lerman — as well as Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs, and Scott Eastwood — calls the movie "a character study, but with action sequences." And it certainly seems like the studio (Sony) has big plans for its critical reception, considering it's scheduled for release right in the ramp-up of 2014's awards season. "It's like a song about each character," Peña says in the preview.

Releasing a featurette about the beauty and "elegance" of the filmmaking before you even release a full trailer certainly sounds like an awards play to me. Add that to its very existence as a war movie and you've definitely got an Oscar campaign swinging into gear very early. Will the early bird catch the worm? Eh, too soon to tell. No one actually knows if Fury is any good yet, all we've really got is the behind-the-scenes stories from filming to tell us it'll at least lead to an interesting profile or two.

Image: Sony