11 of TV's Greatest Dad Jokes

Oh, dad jokes. You may groan and roll your eyes at them, but secretly, we all kind of love them. And because a certain dad-centric holiday is coming up, now is the perfect time to check out some Father's Day quotes from TV's greatest dads. No one knows why exactly dad jokes happen — before you came along, your dad was probably just a normal guy with a normal sense of humor. He could probably look at a glass of orange juice without being compelled to say "Orange juice glad it's fresh squeezed?" and then laughing even though no one else thinks it's funny. Then, one day, you (or your older siblings) came into his life, and suddenly he's full of all kinds of puns and cheesy sayings and spends car trips telling jokes like this gem from my dad:

There's a family of tomatoes walking down the road. The mom and dad tomato are walking ahead, when suddenly they realize their son is nowhere to be found. The dad realizes he's trailing far behind, so he runs back, stomps on his son's toe, and says, "Ketchup!"

I know. Trust me, I've heard it many, many times. But dads— and uncles and grandpas and paternal figures and hey, even some moms— can't seem to help it. There's a reason that "bad jokes" rhymes with "dad jokes"... which sounds like a dad joke in and of itself.

In honor of Father's Day on Sunday, here are some of our favorite jokes from TV's funniest dads.

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Image: Fox