Get Nostalgic For 'Harry Potter' & Test Your Knowledge With These Fun Facts — VIDEO

Sometimes all you need to cap off your day is a time machine. A time machine to the weekend would be the most obvious choice, yes — but a time machine that brings you back to the more comforting moments of your Harry Potter reading experience would do, too. Which is why we're grateful to Buzzfeed for this video of Harry Potter trivia. Some we knew, some we didn't, but all transported us momentarily back into the Wizarding World and closer to the lady who created it, and that's a nice feeling.

Earlier today J.K. Rowling revealed to the Twitterverse that she just might spend some of her free time scrolling through Tumblr. That rumbling from Olympus was both welcome and terrifying (really depends on what you've been up to on Tumblr), but it didn't bring us back to that vast world she created as much as this video did.

For example, did you know that Hedwig is named after the patron saint of orphaned and abandoned children? I did not, and now I am crying. Fun facts! It really makes her (spoiler alert? It's been seven years, guys) death at the end of the series all the more poignant and tragic.

So go, back to the Harry Potter world, for a little over two minutes. It will make you laugh, cry, and contemplate the sheer amount of research that went into creating that world we all lived in for seven books. As Rowling said at the premiere for the final Harry Potter film, "Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

Yep, still crying.

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Image: Warner Bros.