'TFIOS' Quiz: Which Character Are You?

by Caitlyn Callegari

The Fault in Our Stars: you read it, you saw it, you read it again, and you’re probably planning to see it again if you’re honest with yourself. But if only one thing here is certain, you sobbed. You sobbed until you tear ducts begged for mercy and your head ached like you just had a wild night out with too much tequila and not enough dignity. We feel you. Now that we've all tortured ourselves with the star-crossed love story, which character do you most closely identify with? In

TFIOS , three main characters, Hazel, Gus, and Isaac just happen to be the most compelling.

Whenever I read a book or see a movie, I always find myself gravitating to one specific person. It could be because I relate to them, or maybe it's because I wish I was more like them, or perhaps it’s just because they’re impossibly interesting.

So! Are you a Hazel, a Gus, or an Isaac? Why don’t you take this Fault in Our Stars quiz below to find out (you know, for sure). No tissues necessary!

1. How do you deal with the problems life throws at you?

A. Waxing philosophical

B. Biting sarcasm

C. Breaking shit

If you answered A.) you're Augustus. B.) you're Hazel Grace and C.) you're Isaac.

2. What are your thoughts on PDA?


B. Super romantic

B. Hesitantly into it

A. Isaac B. Augustus C. Hazel Grace

3. Where do you prefer to hang out?

A. Your bedroom

B. The back seat of a car (any car)

C. Your basement

A. Hazel Grace B. Isaac C. Augustus

4. What's your idea of a good time?

A. Shooting hoops, trying to perfect being "smooth"

B. Reading the same novel repeatedly

C. Your tongue in someone else's mouth

A.) Augustus B.) Hazel Grace C.) Isaac

5. What's your biggest fear?

A. Disappointing your parents

B. Being alone

C. Oblivion

A.) Hazel Grace B.) Isaac C.) Augustus

6. How do you exact revenge?

A. Throw eggs haphazardly at someone's car

B. Pen an angry (but witty, if you do say so yourself) letter

C. Scream in someone's face

A.) Isaac, Gus, & Hazel B.) Augustus C.) Hazel

7. Favorite Word?

A. Okay?

B. Okay.

C. Always

A.) Augustus B.) Hazel Grace C.) Isaac

8. Things you wish for in the future?

A. Nothing, you live in the moment

B. To be remembered, although you know life isn't a wish granting factory

C. Robot eyes

A.) Hazel Grace B.) Augustus C.) Isaac

9. How do you refer to your significant other?

A. Nickname

B. Pet name

C. Full name

A.) Hazel Grace B.) Isaac C.) Augustus

10. Dream Vacation?

A. Amsterdam

B. Disney World

C. A topless beach

A.) Augustus B.) Hazel Grace C.) Isaac

Pencils down. Rack those answers up, my friends!

Image: Twentieth Century FOX, Penguin Books USA, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Pinterest, TheFaultInOurStarsMovie.com