Creepy Paddington is Your New Favorite, Terrifying Meme

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Well, you guys. We've found it: the best new meme of 2014 to ever meme: Creepy Paddington. Your nightmares are about to become unBEARable, ahyuck.

It all started when the first still from the live-action adaptation of the iconic children's book appeared online. Which, as it turns out, is sort of creepy and a wee bit unsettling. (Even though we all know he's being voiced by dreamboat Colin Firth.) So, naturally, the Internet jumped on it and a meme was born.

#CreepyPaddington is on Twitter, Facebook, and it even has its own Tumblr (because of course it does). In these images, Paddington is superimposed into frightening and sometimes downright horrific cinematic scenarios with results so terrifyingly hilarious it'll will take a long time to leave you (because he's standing right behind you with an axe oh god oh GOD!)

Check out some of our favorites in the slideshow!

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