'GoT' & 'LOTR' Meet in Ultimate Nerd-Off

It's time for the ultimate geek show-down: Game of Thrones versus Lord of The Rings . Who will live and who will die? This is more intense than The Hunger Games! Spoiler alert: it's not. It's just a funny video in which Game of Thrones fans take on Lord of The Rings fans, but hey — it could very viably be just as intense. As a geek girl myself, I can attest to our intensity.

Undeniably, the Internet has been begging for this breed of a nerd-off. After all, Game of Thrones has showed its love of The Middle Earth with Easter egg type of shout-outs on the show. (FYI, that is a sword from LOTR on the Iron Throne.) We've already seen some mash-ups of the two beloved nerd franchises, but now we get to see what happens when you pit the two against each other.

But now, for the big question: who actually would win if Westeros had to face off against The Middle Earth? Can dragons supersede all? Who has the best beard? And perhaps most importantly — which theme music do you think is more dramatic?

Check out the video below, and don't worry — nobody gets the Oberyn treatment in this video. It's all in the name of some good old-fashioned geeky fun.

Image: HBO