These Soccer Tricks Are Insane

Today marks the beginning of the FIFA World Cup which, not unlike the Super Bowl, means one thing (other than the game, of course): amazing commercials you actually want to watch. This year’s standout, according to AdWeek: the McDonalds Gol! video. It features two minutes of talented soccer fans performing crazy and somewhat visually unrealistic trick shots.

The really crazy part though? They’re all totally real, according to the video’s creators.

Despite skeptical accusations by news sites like USA Today — and a few Internet monsters, also known as YouTube commenters — DDB Chicago, the agency responsible for this advertising masterpiece, told AdWeek that it’s 100 percent real.

"I can confirm there was no CGI used on the film," a spokesperson for DDB said. "It was definitely all trick shots by those people."

So why is the everyone freaking out about the commercial’s legitimacy? Because it’s that amazing.

In the video, several talented fans perform tricks like kicking a ball into a second story window and using it to hit an object off a young woman’s head. It also showcases a couple familiar faces, like Argentinian model Fiorella Catillo, the woman juggling the ball in a little black dress and heels (the definition of talent). This isn't her first foray into the art of football juggling — she's known for her trick videos. The spot also features 10-year-old Ciaran Duffy, who’s also YouTube-famous (we're talking millions of views) for performing a ridiculous tricks on camera, according to the Toronto Sun. Pretty great discoveries on DDB/McDonald's part, right?

The video's increasing popularity is apparently out-shining other big budget commercials, says AdWeek. This includes Nike's "Risk Everything" spot, which actually features pro-soccer players. Like I said, they're that good.

But is it real?! Maybe I’m just having a good day, but I’m going with yeah. Totally. Definitely real. If CGI was involved, they would be kicking these balls over mountains. (Then again, I was never a huge soccer expert, I have no coordination whatsoever...) Real or not, it's pretty mind-blowing, check it out:

Image: McDonalds/YouTube