Shop Consciously at Everlane's Pop-Up Shop

Transparency is not the name of the game when it comes to retail. Most consumers have no idea where the items they buy come from or why they cost as much (or as little) as they do. Everlane's Open House pop-up shop seeks to change that by providing just the information most companies keep hidden from shoppers.

Everlane is a clothing retailer that puts the emphasis on responsible production while keeping costs low. Unlike fellow affordable brands like Forever 21, Everlane is online-only and allows customers to get a good look at the chain of supply using a feature on their website. Sure a tank top from Everlane runs you $20 and not $5.80, but overly cheap clothing is a huge problem. That $5.80 tank top was likely produced under horrific conditions by underpaid workers.

As Bustle's Tori Telfer writes about Everlane:

The major reason they manage to keep costs down isn’t because they use sweatshops; it’s because they’re online only. Since they eliminate the costs that come with brick-and-mortar locations, they’re able to pass the savings onto the customer. But they also operate on something they term “radical transparency” — a customer can find out exactly where their Everlane purchase came from, using a map of Everlane’s factory locations around the globe.

Pretty cool, right? The pop-up shop seeks to take the transparency model off the Internet and onto the street. Everlane Open House will run until June 28th in SoHo in NYC and will "include pieces from the brand's ready-to-wear and accessories collections, along with items from Good Eggs, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, and Kaufmann Mercantile." Each item will have a tag disclosing origin and markup of cost. This is nothing short of revolutionary for consumers, who are so often under-informed about purchases.