This Baby Can Instagram

The MTS India "Born for the Internet" advertisement for their new 3G Plus Network portrays a very literal depiction of this catchphrase. The video is India's most viral ad ever, and understandably so. A baby is born in a traditional hospital setting, and he immediately demonstrates a biological drive to get involved with the Internet. In a crazed dash for all things digital, the baby teaches himself how to cut his own umbilical cord using an iPad, Instagrams a selfie with the doctor’s cell phone, live streams himself on a laptop, and exits the hospital room using directions from a mapping software.

In a statement regarding the ad’s intensions, Amitech Rao, director or brand and media for MTS India, said:

“…we needed to be true to the MTS brand that talks to today's 24x7, always-on, data hungry consumer for whom the internet is the biggest opportunity platform there is. The challenge of course was to do all of this in an engaging and entertaining manner, which is what the story of a new-born baby going online to announce himself to the world does perfectly.”

In terms of impactful advertising, the video’s success is undeniable. Its message couldn’t be clearer: the Internet provides us with a powerful opportunity to become self-sufficient and introduce ourselves to the world, and MTS can offer you the best Internet to do so. But the video also seems to satirize our dependence on technology. The ad’s eery take on a scene that is universally understood as one of the most intimate moments of a lifetime — a mother’s introduction to her newborn child — underscores our society’s decreased prioritization on human interaction, and increasing obsession with social media.

But, it's a great ad. It's funny, spooky, creative, and upbeat (thanks to the music). Most importantly, it's got great shock value — no recent ad has done it better. MTS Telecom has entered it in next week's Cannes festival…my bet is, it’ll do very well.

Image: MTS India