Being A Comedy Actress Sounds Like A Weird Life

by Alanna Bennett

Emmy season is officially in full swing, which means it's time for the annual pile-on of campaigns from every direction. It can seem extremely glamorous at times, and extremely revealing at others. The roundtable The Hollywood Reporter released Thursday with six of this season's hot Emmy hopefuls seems strictly in the latter camp — which is probably why it's all the more fun to watch. Glamour's all well and good, but I'd much rather sit back and hear Mindy Kaling and Zooey Deschanel describe the gritty realities of filming fake-nude scenes than see them airbrushed into perfection in a photo shoot.

If you've ever wondered just how much actresses are really baring on network television when they're, say, getting sudsy with a love interest, the answer often lies in a flesh-colored bandeau top. For Kaling, who makes out with many a dude for The Mindy Project , the experience can grow decidedly un-glam a few takes in:

Kaling: The flip side of getting to make out a lot on television, which I do, is that sometimes we have to do, like, a shower sex scene. And the first few times, it's kind of fun, it's nice. And then after take eight, it's like all the sexiness [is gone], your makeup is streaming …

[Taylor] Schilling You're cold.

[Kaley] Cuoco-Sweeting: It's not cute anymore.

Kaling: You're in fake nudity covering.

Deschanel: The fake nudity [covering] is not cute wet. This like nude bandeau...

Kaling: I'd rather show my breasts on cable!

Schilling: We're in jail on Orange [Is the New Black], so there's real nudity.

Kaling: The flesh-colored [coverings are] actually more disgusting than if you just saw my breasts.

Deschanel I'd rather be naked than wear nude cover, because it's —

Cuoco-Sweeting: — The most unflattering ever.

Shit's getting real, guys, and I gotta be honest with you: Being a professional, highly-paid comedy actress sounds like a really weird life. A really cool life, for sure — but a really weird one, and one filled with modesty bandeaus and (as Emmy Rossum shares later in the roundtable) contraptions specially designed to make it look like you're peeing.

You can head over to THR to watch the full roundtable, and/or just quietly contemplate these revelations to yourself. You can also see an example of one of these fake-nude scenes below:

Image: Fox