She Saw The 'Space Jam' Light

I absolutely love Jenny Slate, and I also love any time it's acceptable to throw in a Space Jam reference. So naturally, I was thrilled to hear Jenny Slate's thoughts on watching Space Jam while stoned, and you should be, too. The comedian, actress, writer, and star of Obvious Child (which, by the way, you should make your business to see if you haven't yet) spoke to Chelsea Handler about all of the things that really stuck out to her — like really STUCK OUT (hint: Michael Jordan's man parts) — while watching the cartoon movie on a flight, and her observations are both keen and hilarious. Also, let's all re-watch Space Jam now, too.

Slate said that she may have taken a bit too big of a toke before flying, but she asserts that it indeed helped her notice things she wouldn't have noticed before. Like as I mentioned earlier, Michael Jordan's penis. Slate said:

I think it was before he got his Fruit of the Loom all-the-underpants-you-need deal [...] It's hard to say it, but he has the biggest penis I've ever seen in a children's movie.

Space Jam — the ultimate lukewarm sports-cartoon mashup and exercise in mild pornography? Jenny Slate makes pretty stellar observations in her comedy, so...

You can watch her convo with Chelsea Handler below: