The Righteous Young's "Everything Burns" Is a Powerful Lesson In Letting Go — LISTEN

Last Tuesday, singer-songwriter Wynter Gordon’s new five-member band The Righteous Young premiered their debut single “Everything Burns,” and it’s nothing short of stunning. The gorgeous folk-pop ballad is ultimately a lesson in forgiveness and letting go of the past, but there is also an intense, quiet rage that simmers just below the song's surface that grabs a hold of you from the first note and never quite lets go. Gordon’s fans are already familiar with her uniquely powerful style of songwriting (just listen to tracks like “Back to You” and “Still Getting Younger,” for example). Now, it’s time for the rest of the world to experience her brilliance.

Gordon is probably best known for singing the hook on Flo Rida’s inescapable 2009 mega-hit, “Sugar” (a.k.a. the song that sampled Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)), but she’s had her fair share of success as a solo artist, as well. In addition to releasing an album and several EPs, Gordon boasts three top-three hits on the Billboard Dance chart. She’s also penned songs for stars like Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, and Ciara.

On “Everything Burns,” The Righteous Young leave the synths and pulsating dance beats of much of Gordon’s past work behind, instead opting for a more organic sound. Gordon’s voice absolutely soars over the song’s stripped-back production. Last week, Gordon shared the inspiration behind the song with her followers on Instagram:

"Everything Burns" is a song I dedicate to my Father. I remember the first time the police came to the door looking for you. I remember the way my sister cringed at the mention of your name, I remember how broken my mom was raising 4 kids on her own, so we had to raise ourselves. It was you who set the non-existent bar for me and it was you I was looking for in every man I dated to fill that void. You are the source. I had to realize that so I could stop taking the anger out on other people. I had to forgive you. That's the only way to move on. The most amazing things happen when you start forgiving. R.I.P.

The anger that Gordon wrote about is felt throughout “Everything Burns.” Its power grows steadily until we reach the song’s final, emotional chorus, where the tone suddenly shifts into something more like…a celebration. Gordon’s recognizes the source of her pain, she’s allowing herself to experience years of repressed emotion for the first time, and finally, she’s decides to let it all go — to let everything burn. It’s an incredibly powerful, triumphant, and cathartic moment.

Right now it’s raining, but you’re gonna learn

Playing with fire, you’re bound to get hurt

No, I won’t get angry, I won’t say a word

No, I just won’t stop until everything burns

Listen to The Righteous Young’s “Everything Burns” below. It’s one of my favorite releases of the year so far.


The song is available for purchase on iTunes now.

Image: TheRYVEVO/YouTube