19 Professions That Earn Less Than Style Bloggers

If you weren't already jealous of big-name fashion bloggers who attend the most fabulous events, have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and get free designer duds pretty much on the daily, get ready to basically fall over from envy. According to WWD, the industry's top bloggers are making six-figure salaries. Six. Figures. For posting photos of themselves in clothes...most of which they got for free. Jealous now? A little concerned? Slightly disturbed slash having second thoughts about your college major? Yup, me too.

Don't get me wrong; I love fashion bloggers as much as the next girl. But $100,000 or more? As in, as much as doctors — people who go to medical school for, like, hundreds of yearsmake? Apparently so. Of course, there's no doubt that much of the reason why fashion bloggers are so popular and paid so much for appearances at events is that in a social media age they're the celebrities of the fashion world. Celebrities who are "just like us." Except not at all. Not even a little bit.

In case you weren't already floored by the absurd amount of money famous style bloggers are making, here is a list of 19 professions that still, somehow, make less than all your favorite online fashion stars. Prepare yourself to be very, very sad.

1. Logging Equipment Operators – $34,700

2. Insurance Appraisers – $63,100

3. Logisticians – $76,330

4. Nuclear Technicians – $73,450

5. Credit Analysts – $72,590

6. Computer Programmers – $80,930

7. Biomedical Engineers – $93,960

8. Architects – $71,790

9. Microbiologists – $75,230

10. Social Workers – $44,690

11. Fashion Designers – $73,570

12. Museum Curators – $55,620

13. Registered Nurses – $68,910

14. Firefighters – $48,270

15. Detectives and Criminal Investigators – $79,030

16. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators – $78,500

17. Hazardous Materials Remover Workers – $42,220

18. Ship Engineers – $75,560

19. Embalmers – $42,750

Images: Giphy