Beyonce Songs Transform into Hilarious Monologues

Each time someone plays Beyonce's "Irreplaceable," somewhere on Earth, a no-good boyfriend moves in a westward direction, and hurriedly gathers his belongings off the front lawn while the woman he wronged hurls random items at the back of his head. After all, quite a few of Beyonce’s songs can take you there. When actress/writer Nina Millin couldn’t pull off a Beyonce song at karaoke (kudos to her for even trying), she decided to save her vocal chords from any further damage by paying homage to Bey through a new web series she calls The Beyoncelogues .

Instead of singing, Millin delivers the lyrics in monologues that lie somewhere between hilarious and serious. Although absent of high notes and riffs that only Beyonce could properly execute, Millin's one-woman, spoken-word presentations add depth to the song lyrics. They're certainly no replacement for the hilarity (and embarrassment) that often comes from a karaoke rendition, but they're actually kind of funny and really convincing, maybe even more than the actual songs.

Surely anyone who's tried and failed to sing a Beyonce song will give this their stamp of approval, and hopefully the Queen Bey is somewhere giving herself a pat on the back for having yet another fan who expresses admiration for her in such a dramatic fashion. Wonder how the "Beygency" will feel about this?

Watch Millin's hilarious delivery of “Irreplaceable” below: