We'll Be Seeing More Daya in 'OITNB' Next Season

by Caroline Pate

Although some people are still in the midst of hibernation with the second season of Orange Is the New Black, there's already reason to look forward to Season 3: Dascha Polanco, who plays Dayanara Diaz on the show, has been promoted from part of the recurring cast to a series regular. Although Polanco has been in almost every episode of the series thus far, being upped to a series regular might mean big things for her character next season.

Which should be pretty interesting, because Polanco's character already has some big things going on so far. Although Orange Is the New Black virtually specializes in morally complex, heart-wrenching storylines, Daya's pregnancy has been one of the most affecting subplots on the show.

The artistic Daya is one of the more sensitive prisoners at Litchfield, and watching her pregnancy both bring her closer to her estranged mother and push her away in her relationship with the sweet, confused guard Bennett makes for some seriously emotional television. Although both Bennett and Daya's mom Aleida occasionally make some questionable decisions, through it all, Daya always seems to have her heart in the right place. And with moments like these, it's hard not to root for her:

Daya and Aleida's Relationship

Even when Daya and her mom weren't getting along, it was still kind of hilarious. But now, Aleida is really trying to be a better mother, and Daya is trying to be a better mother than her mother.

She's Got Standards

The golden rule: fuck for love, not for Big Macs.

Everybody Poops, Daya

It's hard to be in prison when both you and the bathrooms are literally full of shit.

Because She and Bennett Are So Ship-able...

Like "The Normal Game"? For as much stuff as they're going through, they have a seemingly infinite amount of adorable moments.

But She's Not Afraid to Tell Him Off

She also calls out the tenuous power dynamic between them.

The Girl Has Skills


Daya is a great cartoonist, and her stay in prison hasn't put a damper on her art. And she hasn't been afraid to speak her mind in her comics... like this one, which pretty much sums up Daya's tragic story in a nutshell.

Can't wait for Season 3.

Images: Tumblr/fatpussior, single-minded-dualist, alex1406 , litchfieldprisonblues, canibale, orangeskins