Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore's Kids Are Adorable But Who's The Cutest of Them All?

It’s almost the weekend, y’all and to get you over that last final hill into Friday, the universe has bestowed us with adorable celebrity babies. Jimmy Fallon appears on the cover of the latest issue of People holding his brand-new daughter who is wearing a matching suit and looking oh-so pinchable. Sure, Fallon’s got the weight of the biggest late night show on his shoulders, but it’s clear in the photo that his biggest job is that adorable pile of cheeks in his arms. Just in case you need a little bit more celebrity preciousness, Drew Barrymore tweeted a photo of her holding her two children while sporting a “Mother of Dragons” tee.

Not only is Barrymore’s snap the first photo we’ve seen of her newest addition Frankie, ithe photo also brings attention to a good cause. Along with the image, Barrymore tweeted, “Get this Mother of Dragons T-Shirt . All proceeds go to help employment for Foster kids in LA.” It’s very rare that a Game of Thrones reference could ellicit such warm fuzzy feelings, but there you have it.

So now that we have both baby Fallon and the babies Barrymore to coo over, the occasion calls for an official ADORABLE BABY-OFF. So grab your binkies and prepare for battle. It’s on!

The Challengers

Winnie Fallon


Olive and Frankie Barrymore

Round one: Cheeks

You would think the babies Barrymore would have an unfair advantage here, being that there’s two of them. However, Baby Fallon takes it with pure rotund cheekiness.

Round Two: Expression

Sure, Baby Fallon’s quizzical mug is precious. PRECIOUS. But little Frankie looks kind of drunk in that way only babies make cute. So obviously he wins here.

Round Three: Fashion

TIE. It’s a TIE (get it? Because baby Fallon is wearing a tie!?). How could I ever decide between a baby girl in a suit that matches her dad’s vs. two gorgeous glowing children being cradled by a woman wearing a Mother of Dragons shirt. IMPOSSIBLE.


EVERYONE! Naturally.

Images: People; DrewBarrymore/Twitter; ReactionGifs