Britney's First Tour Was Timeless

by Kristie Rohwedder

She has her own Las Vegas residency now, but 15 years ago this month, a 17-year-old pop icon-in-the-making named Britney Jean Spears kicked off her very first headlining tour. Hot on the heels of her successful debut album ...Baby One More Time, The …Baby One More Time Tour began on June 28, 1999 in Pompano Beach, FL. And the rest, as they say, is hit-tory. (Like "Hit me baby one more time." Or "hit song." Either works.)

To my dismay (and my parents’ relief), The ...Baby One More Time Tour didn’t stop in my hometown. So, no I didn’t go. I don't have a first-hand account to share. Everything I know about the tour I read in magazines (shoutout to Teen People, Bop, BB, Seventeen, Teen, and YM) and on the Internet.

Ah, the Internet. Sometimes, it can be weird. Sometimes, it can be scary. And sometimes, it gives us lots of fantastic photos and videos from The ...Baby One More Time Tour.

Wait. Why am I still jabbering? Let's take little trip down ...Baby One More Time Tour memory lane right now! Here are all of the goodies I found on the ol' Internet:

This Setlist

  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy"Excellent way to start a show.
  2. "Soda Pop"Aw, this song was on the Sabrina The Teenage Witch soundtrack! This song was my first exposure to Spears! You could say it was love at first "Soda Pop." MEMORIES.
  3. "Born to Make You Happy"Cool down time.
  4. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart"Cool down time, part two.
  5. "Vogue" (Dance Interlude)/"Material Girl"Pay homage.
  6. "Black Cat"This is my favorite Janet Jackson song. Excellent choice, Spears.
  7. "Nasty"Oo, EDGY.
  8. "The Beat Goes On"Yes.
  9. "I Will Be There"Can I be real? I totally forgot about this song. I had to look it up. Fun jam.
  10. "Open Arms"Yes, Britney Spears sang a Journey song live. No, she didn't lip sync.
  11. "Sometimes"HNNNNNNNGH.
  12. ...Baby One More Time"HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH.

If I could make one change to this near-perfect setlist: add "E-mail My Heart." No ballad has ever been more late '90s.

This tour sponsor

The ...Baby One More Time Tour was sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger. Because of course it was.

This Pink Vinyl Tube Top + White Pants Combo

Iconic. And yes, I definitely had those platform Skechers.

This Dancing

I realize the video quality isn't the greatest, but it'll do. Go Britney, go Britney, go Britney!

This Behind-the-Scenes Video

Ugh, I adore late '90s Spears.

This Iridescent Schoolgirl Outfit

Serving the judges Limited Too realness.

This Concert Highlight Reel

Part one:

Part two:

Like, I can believe it's been 15 years, but I also can't.

Time really does fly when you're a Britney Spears fan.

Images: absneyspears/tumblr; britoholic/tumblr