This Is What Lady Gaga's Real Hair Looks Like

Lady Gaga can always be counted on to have mile-high hair and crazy wigs of impossible colors, textures, and lengths. All that processing puts loads of stress on the hair follicles, so one would expect Mother Monster to have a short, neat, and no nonsense natural coif that we don't get to see very often because it merely serves as the base on which she builds her outrageous looks. (We are, however, treated to makeup-free selfies!) Still, the singer, who has been rocking a larger-than-life, Diana Ross-style curly wig for the past week, stepped out flashing some nipple and what could be her natural 'do.

Sure, the nip slip is getting all the attention, since celeb headlight sightings are a big deal. But upon closer inspection, it's her hair that's infinitely more fascinating. It's short. It's black. It's able to be slicked back into a bun. At least that's what it looks like in this snap, which sees her neck and wrist wrapped in some serious bling, too. With flawlessly 'scaped brows, a statement bag, and her ever-present pup, Asia, nestled in her arm, Gaga looks somewhat Euro and a bit bougie, even. But she also appears normal, which is rare.

It's like a streamlined (but still subversive) version of Gaga, although I must admit...

...the '70s disco hair would be a fun topper for the all-black ensemble, keeping her monochromatic look in check. She went from one extreme to the next.

Oh, and can we talk about her dirty bath water for a sec, please? While I am sure the most dedicated factions of Little Monsters would happily drink Gaga's tub H2O since it'd be a chance to get some of her DNA, it looks like she is wading in a swamp. At least it's not a vomit artist puking all over her. I tried to, ahem, purge that incident from my mind but this picture exhumed it. Now we know she uses SoftSoap products, too.

Quick, someone cue up Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" or Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out." Gaga's hair is from that era. She just needs extra shiny, discoball-mimicking gloss on those lips to complete the look.

Images: @ladygaga/Instagram