His World Cup Party Is Better Than Yours

by Kadeen Griffiths

Even people who never watch sports are very, very aware that the World Cup 2014 has kicked off as of Thursday afternoon. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull performed at the opening ceremony and, although the show could have been better, it definitely got us all pumped up to talk about nothing but the World Cup for the next few weeks. If you were planning on throwing a party, whether it's a theme party or a viewing party, then you might want to wait before you head down to Party City for streamers and chips. Leonardo DiCaprio is partying on a yacht during the World Cup and, if that's true, then his party is ten thousand times better than yours.

According to the Daily Mail, DiCaprio is either borrowing or renting the fifth-largest super-yacht in the world for his World Cup party with 20 of his friends. The yacht is $678 million in cost and 482 feet in length — not to mention it's actually owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It's called Topaz and was custom made for Sheik Mansour in 2012, but DiCaprio has borrowed it before. Most recently, he hosted an 80s themed party on the Topaz in April with Jamie Foxx and Orlando Bloom.

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If it sounds like DiCaprio is taking Jay Gatsby off the silver screen and out into real life, that's just your jealousy talking. Although the Topaz is moored in Rio de Janeiro at the moment and Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted in the crowd at the Brazil-Croatia game, the story of his weeks-long yacht party has yet to be confirmed by DiCaprio himself. But why not? If I had a Sheikh with a super-yacht on speed dial, I would ask to borrow it for the World Cup, too. And if I was one of DiCaprio's 20 friends, I wouldn't say no to a yacht party.

But then, the full extent of my World Cup festivities involve watching it alone in my bedroom with a bag of chips and a Snapple, so I wouldn't say no to a yacht party in any situation. DiCaprio might not have gotten the Oscar he so completely deserves yet, but he's going to win an award for being the best party thrower in history if this is true. If it's not, then he should consider making it true just for the bragging rights that would last forever. Or until a celebrity throws a party on the fourth-largest super-yacht in the world.

Image: Tumblr