Who is Bethany Dempsey? Clint Dempsey’s Wife Isn’t Your Average WAG

If you're here, it's because you're inquiring about the relationship status of a certain 2014 World Cup soccer player. No! Don't be embarrassed and turn away! It's totally okay. Anyway, if you were going to look up personal information about a player on the U.S. team, it makes sense that you could choose Clint Dempsey. He's a forward (meaning he one of the ones that scores) and he's the team's captain. Sounds good, right? Well, unfortunately there's some bad news for any of you who were hoping you might randomly bump into him on the street and kick of a romance that would bring you trips to Brazil. Clint Dempsey is married to Bethany Dempsey — note the last name similarities — and he has been since 2007.

There isn't too much information available about Bethany — being the wife of a soccer player doesn't mean all your business is out there for the public to see. And most of the info that is available is from websites about hot WAGs, so I now know that Bethany posed for Sports Illustrated in 2010 wearing only body paint. Exciting stuff.

What we do know, is that she met Clint while they were both studying at Furman University in South Carolina and that they got married in July 2007. They have three children: two daughters, Sophia and Eylse, and a son, Jackson. While there isn't any info on where she works specifically, she must be pretty smart since she's an an educational psychologist.

So, there you are! I hope that answers your question. It seems Dempsey will have quite the crowd of loved ones cheering him on when the U.S. takes on Ghana this Monday.