Judy Greer Mocks Her Own Career as Hollywood's Best Friend & It's Perfect — VIDEO

Judy Greer is starring in a brand new comedy on FX called Married along with Nat Faxon. The series revolves around a couple who struggle to keep their marriage together, all the while remaining best friends. It's a new type of role for Greer as she is perennially Hollywood's favorite BFF. She's co-starred in dozens of films and TV shows where she takes the comical passenger seat to the leading lady, however, that's no mark against her talent. Greer's turns in shows like Arrested Development and Archer prove that she's so much more than the girl who brings you pizza when your boyfriend dumps you. It's high time she gets the full spotlight.

To mock her own place as the eternal giver of advice, opener of wine, and bestower of, "that dress looks GREAT on you," Greer turned to Funny or Die to create "Judy Greer is the Best Friend."

In this hilarious clip, Greer pokes fun at the tropes of her characters in films like 27 Dresses, 13 Going on 30, What Women Want, Playing for Keeps, and Elizabethtown. She proves that she's got everything it takes to inspire her best friends to chase their dreams and follow their hearts while swelling music fills the air. But what happens when Greer finally comes face to face with a love story of her own? Watch and enjoy.