Vicki's Second Grandchild Is Going To Be A...

by Anam Syed

Insurance bigwig, proud mama bear, and purveyor of the best boozy "woo-hoos" this side of the Pacific, you know you can't help but love her. That's right, for major fans of the Bravo series, The Real Housewives of Orange County 's Vicki Gunvalson is TV's best reality fixture. This "OG of the OC," as she's called, has been a RHOC castmember since Season 1. And while we love all she personally brings to the show, we can't help but gush over her unwavering love for her family. Sure her empty nest relationship with hubby Donn wasn't long for this world, but that doesn't mean VIcki doesn't have time to nurture both business and home. Her daughter Briana, who is arguably the real love of Gunvalson's life, and military son-in-law Ryan Culberson have already blessed the star with a grandson, Troy William, born in fall 2012, but they are expecting once again and will finally reveal if Vicki's next grandchild will be a boy or girl.

So what sort of nursery should our favorite OC housewife-turned-granny set up for the latest bundle of joy (even if Briana is breaking her heart by moving to Oklahoma with her hubby)? It looks like it's blue again as the Culbersons are expecting yet another bouncing baby boy.

In honor of the latest addition to Team Vicki, here are some of our favorite maternal moments from the reality star.

1. She Traveled to OK To Visit Briana, Even Though She's Not OK with Travel

I mean, we all remember the "family van incident." Travel is not her strong suit, so it's a testament to her love she made it out of the OC for Briana.

2. Her Instagram Is Full of Cute Kid Shots

While some reality stars' social feeds might be pretty self-obsessed, Gunvalson's is littered with shots gushing about her children and motherhood, like this snap of her and son Michael. This workaholic mother has wasted no time nurturing her fam.

3. She Raised Briana To Be an Independent Mom (Just Like Her)

In an interview with Wet Paint, Gunvalson describes Briana's parenting style as nurturing and independent, even claiming that her daughter has never hired a babysitter. And we all know that Vicki herself is both nurturing and independent when it comes to parenting.

4. She's There for Briana When She Needs Her Mom

Reality personalities have a reputation for snark and pettiness. That could easily extend into resentment on Vicki's part, given that she's been unlucky in the dude department. But she's nothing but supportive when her son-in-law is deployed to Afghanistan, and engages in a tearful goodbye right alongside her daughter.

5. She Just Might Be a Fun Mom

Aside from all of the reality drama, it must be pretty fun to have a mother whose Twitter sign off is basically a digital woo-hoo.

Vicki, you're doing it right.