7 Ways to Get Perfect Beach Hair

by Julia Teen

If your style muses include Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Erin Wasson, Kate Bosworth or Kate Hudson, you know the value of great beach hair. It’s that particular breed of tousled cool that actually any hair type can get with minimal effort.

This look is popping up everywhere other than the beach these days — the red carpet, namely — but these undone waves are just made for your long summer days and nights.

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones whose hair just looks this way naturally (so stop reading, Wasson), here are some quick, easy ways to give your own locks some beachy waves:

Naturally Wavy/Already Curly Hair

1. Simply add in a sea salt spray , says hair pro Casey Geren, who has worked on Amber Heard and Chrissy Teigen. “Just remember that sun and salt dries your hair out, so make sure you give your strands a good deep conditioning treatment once a week.”

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2. For extra hold, hairstylist Jonathan Mason (who has worked for Cosmopolitan, Elle Italia and Nylon) says to spritz your hair with your sea salt spray after showering, then twist it up into a loose bun, securing with an elastic. Once dry, let down and shake out.

3. If your hair is already on the dry side, adding a more moisturizing curl cream could be a better option. “What is important is to not manipulate the hair while it is drying because it will disturb the wave pattern and give you frizz,” says NYC stylist Johnny Lavoy, stylist for celebs like Cindy Crawford and Lady GaGa. “Wait until it’s completely dry, then turn upside down and give the scalp a little massage.” Curl any random pieces that need a helping hand, with a curling iron.

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4. For full curls, it’s all about smoothing your existing curl into a smoother wave, Lavoy says. “Using the right products is a must. I like to cocktail a curl cream and smoothing drops to control the curl and fight frizz. Let hair dry naturally or blow dry with a diffuser. Once dry, use a larger size curling iron to smooth out the hair or a flat iron to gently smooth it out.”

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Straight Hair

5. “If you are on the go and need a fast solution, quickly make five sections in your wet hair and braid them,” says Mason. Blow dry on low and press a flat iron down on each braid to help it set in place. “Unravel the braids and you will have quick texture,” he says.

6. Alternately, if you have the time, Lavoy also suggests you sleep in your braids, or one large loose braid. “This will give you a loose, flatter wave,” he says.

7. For a more refined finish, straight hair types can also benefit from a surf spray application. Just apply and scrunch in with your fingertips. “Then, using a medium size curling wand, pick up random sections of the hair and wrap around the barrel, being sure to leave the ends of the hair straight,” Lavoy says. This will give your hair a more deconstructed feel — perfect for tousled beach waves, according to Lavoy.