This is the World's Coolest Principal

by L. Turner

This is what happens when Reddit gets hold of a particularly funny photo. A picture of an administrator at a California high school became the popular site's Photoshop-friendly picture of the week, and now thousands have seen the famous photo of East Bay's principal jumping into the pool. Thanks to Reddit users' Photoshop skills, they've also seen the principal riding an elephant, being a butterfly, dunking a basketball, and trying on Cinderella's glass slipper.

Principal Matt Campbell of Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek, California celebrated the end of the school year last week by jumping into a swimming pool fully clothed. Lots of students took pictures of the hilarious event on their smartphones, and one student ended up uploading the photo to the site, where it became fodder for a Photoshop contest, the Contra Costa Times reported on Sunday.

Turns out that seniors had apparently planned to jump into the pool with all their clothes on for the 2014 senior prank, and the administration tried to block them. That's when Campbell went from annoying fun-killing administrator to world's coolest principal: He took off his shoes and led the charge into the pool feet-first, according to the paper.

Here are our favorite Redditors' takes on Campbell's epic jump. But first, the original photograph from user NapalmKitteh:

It's honestly a pretty good picture even before getting Photoshopped.

1. Principal Campbell as a Butterfly

Reddit user cherls uploaded this picture of the principal as an overjoyed monarch butterfly. He looks so happy!

2. Principal Campbell, Watch Out for That Lava!

In this photo, Principal Campbell is headed straight for some terrifying lava. His face has been 'shopped to show his terror. This one comes courtesy of PhilipthePaintmaster.

3. Campbell Gets Air on the Court

This photo, courtesy of Reddit user NEGRISSIM0, is reportedly Principal Campbell's favorite, according to the Contra Costa Times — maybe because it's not every day he gets to grab air like Michael Jordan.

4. Principal Campbell as Cinderella

Not to hate on Principal Campbell's favorite 'shop, but this from user Equinoqs is ours. In it, an unspeakably happy Campbell eagerly tries on Cinderella's glass slipper. We have a feeling the shoe won't quite fit.

If only every high school principal were this cool.

Images: Reddit