Williams is Becoming England's Jennifer Lawrence

by Alicia Lutes

Maisie Williams is just about the most adorable thing on television right now. As the scrappy-yet-bloodthirsty Arya Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones, we've grown attached to the lone direwolf who's come so close, and yet so far, to reuniting with her family. We worry! We care! Arya isn't just Catelyn Tully's daughter, she's everyone's daughter (metaphorically speaking, natch). And after today's takeover of the Funny or Die Twitter account, our affinity for Ms. Williams became full-on adoration, bordering on obsession.

Taking even the quickest of looks at her past few weeks of social media near-domination, something became wholly obvious: Maisie Williams is totally the British Jennifer Lawrence — smart, funny, charming, talented, seemingly unchanged by the fame game, and a totally normal teenager you'd probably want to be friends with if you were her age. If you somehow needed more convincing (who are you monsters?), we've compiled a list of all the ways in which Maisie Williams is like a delightfully British version of our country's Best Friend Forever.

1. She Vines Like a Champion

Following the devastating [spoilers ahoy!] deaths of brother Robb and mother Catelyn in the infamous "Red Wedding," reaction videos were a dime a dozen. The Internet literally had a meltdown of elephantine proportions. But Maisie cut through all that noise with her perfect, 6-second summation of events:

But that's not all: most of Maisie's Vines are gems. Look at how creative she is! A budding filmmaker, to be sure.

2. She Loves Food

Not just because food is delicious, but because sometimes, food is all you need. It is the universal uniter. It solves all of the problems — even when you don't know what to say.

3. She's Got Jokes

Somebody's a comedian!

4. She Loves Animals

Who else would have a pet tortoise (not turtle!) named Barney?

5. She Has a Great Head on Her Shoulders

Why wish for one power when you can wish to have the power to change powers whenever you please? Smart cookie, this one.

6. She Pop Culture-Savvy

Was that a Tropic Thunder joke? Why yes, yes it was.

7. She Hates the Words "YOLO" and "Swag"

Because they're the worst.

8. She's a Totally Normal Teenage Girl

As evidenced by her endearingly charming picture from the Funny or Die Twitter chat. Life is full of rainbows, Winnie The Pooh, and Batman — as it should be.

Hey Maisie Williams: you're great, never change.

Image: Getty Images