Malia Obama's TV Internship on Halle Berry Show 'Extant' Is Impressive

This First Daughter is just turning 16 this summer, but she's already had her first Hollywood gig. According to The Wrap, Malia Obama was spotted working on the set of Extant , the upcoming CBS sci-fi series starring Halle Berry. According to an insider for the site, Malia worked for the day as a production assistant on reshoots of the Extant television pilot, assisting with "computer shop alignments." The director also let the First Daughter slate a take.

I know that a lot of people will assume nepotism or favoritism played a part in getting Malia the gig, and, let's be real, that's totally how this high schooler got the job, but even though she may have gotten the gig through her parents' connections, it's important to note that she chose to spend the day working on set.

Malia could've had toured the set of the show, or had Halle Berry flown in via helicopter to hang out with her at the White House. (The President has that kind of power, right?) Instead, she worked as a PA — essentially the lowest level on the production food chain — and got to see how TV show production worked from the bottom up.

I say, good for her.

Brava on your first job, Malia. Go take Hollywood by storm.

Extant premieres on July 9 on CBS.

Image: Giphy