The Complete Tinder Rollercoaster in 2 Minutes

I’ve never used Tinder (and to be honest, after our very own Brinton Parker’s Tinder experiment, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing) — but I’m told that one of its perks is its ease of use: Swipe left on one person; swipe right on another; and if someone on whom you swiped right on swipes right on you in return, then bam, you’re on your way to a date, a hookup, or whatever else you might have up your sleeve. That said, though, I would imagine that its ease of use also makes it incredibly easy to get your little online dating heart broken — which is exactly the lesson comedian Paul Gale’s “The Truth About Hookups” video teaches us.

“The Truth About Hookups” features Gale as our romantic young hero and Bridey Elliott as his right-swiped match. Their first date looks like the stuff of dreams: Drinks, a flirty game of pool, a hookup (of course — this is Tinder we’re talking about, after all) — and even a cute little goodbye kiss the morning after. Alas, though, even as our hero goes about his life already looking forward to his next date with this wonderful, fabulous girl, we sense that something else might be lurking beneath the day’s blissful exterior. Something heartbreaking. Something… like the dreaded “Sorry, I didn’t feel anything” text.

At least there’s still ice cream as a consolation prize, right?

This isn’t Gale’s first rodeo when it comes to comedy in modern dating; although “The Truth About Hookups” ends up being more melancholy than funny, he previously brought us a hilarious, biting video called “The Truth About Being Single.” That one premiered around Valentine’s Day, and like “The Truth About Hookups,” its success lies in its honesty. We’ve all got that friend who always complains about not having a significant other, only to have them do… well, this:

Right? A word of advice: Don’t be that friend. Seriously. Don’t.

Happy dating!

Image: Paul Gale Comedy/YouTube