Which Kardashian Did This 'OITNB' Star Kiss?

by Kadeen Griffiths

In the latest edition of what are the odds, it's time to ask a simple question: What did Buzzfeed reveal that Orange is the New Black and Keeping Up with the Kardashians have in common? If you said "nothing", you were wrong. If you said, "almost entirely female casts", you were closer. If you said Kourtney Kardashian and OITNB star Jackie Cruz made out in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you were absolutely right. And if you said "what?????", then you're me. Anyone who thinks that she cheated on Scott Disick despite being pregnant with his baby can rest easy. This episode happened all the way back in 2009, back before Cruz ever brought Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales to life.

Cruz appeared in three episodes of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami. She was living in Miami at the time and signed up for art classes at a school that Kourtney Kardashian also happened to be attending. The two of them became friends and one night in a club the two shared a kiss. Apparently, it was all to make Scott Disick jealous, but Kourtney Kardashian and Jackie Cruz are still friends to this day.

According to an interview that Cruz did with Bitchinlifestyle.tv , the appearance wasn't scripted or auditioned for, but it did give her career a bit of a boost. "I definitely think it had a positive impact in my career because people got to know my name and what I was doing in my life," said Cruz. "Kourtney is such a sweet person, and yes we are still friends. Now and than we text each other to see how we are both doing."

So, basically, for three episodes in 2009, Jackie Cruz was doing research for her future role as Flaca and Kourtney Kardashian was more or less her Maritza.

So, basically, there isn't a single thing that is untouched by the Holy Kardashian Empire and maybe we should all start re-watching old episodes in the hopes of seeing other stars from our current favorite hit TV shows.

So, basically, Kim & Kourtney Take Miami was like the prequel series to Orange is the New Black, except Kourtney has yet to wear something as gaudy as an orange (or tan) jumpsuit.

So, basically, um. What? I don't know about you, but it's time for me to settle in and wait for the announcement that one of the Kardashians will be making a guest appearance on a season of Orange is the New Black. Or at least for OITNB to start making some inside joke references to Cruz and Kardashian's friendship. They've poked fun at everything from Taylor Swift to The Fault in Our Stars, so the Kardashians have got to be the next stop.

And even if they're not, this is still pretty amazing news. It's one thing to recognize an actor in old a movie after they've gotten famous, but to recognize an actor from an old reality show from before they got famous? Mind. Blown.

Image: E!; Tumblr (1; 2; 3)