Anthony Weiner Favorites "Ultimate Sext Machine" Tinder Tweet, Furiously Backtracks

Oh, Anthony, Anthony, Anthony. The Weiner is back at it again, folks. And this time, he's gone from texting to tweeting. In what the embattled former Congressman is calling an "accident," Anthony Weiner favorited a Tweet by Matt Yglesias, Vox's executive editor, which read, "Tinder will now be the ultimate sext machine." And quite frankly, we can't figure out what's worse — the fact that he favorited something about the ultimate sext machine, or the fact that he favorited something about Tinder.

Weiner, who made headlines in 2011 after sending a very inappropriate photo via Twitter to a 21-year-old college student, is apparently incapable of learning from his mistakes. Three years ago, Weiner became the face of sexting when several women came forward with pictures purportedly sent by the congressman. Initially, Weiner insisted that his Twitter account had been hacked and that he was unsure whether the pictures were of him or of another guy, but additional photographs confirmed his identity. A few weeks later, Weiner resigned from Congress, shamefully admitting to a sexting scandal.

But the Weiner scandal was one that just kept on giving, and a mere two years later, when Weiner announced his candidacy for New York mayor, yet another set of photos and messages were revealed, and he quickly became the first Democrat in the race to concede defeat.

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And now, Weiner is once again using his very public Twitter profile to make waves, becoming one of only six people to favorite Ygelsias' tweet about Tinder. When people noticed his awkward approval of the article, Weiner jumped into defense mode, issuing a rather unbelievable explanation.

Weiner also told Buzzfeed,

there were a bunch of favorites there that I didn’t either didn’t recognize or mean to favorite. im not clear on how they got marked in the first place but I assume hit the little star thing accidentally as I scrolled through stuff.

We don't exactly understand how one accidentally hits "the little star thing," particularly given its small size and very particular location, but if you say so, Weiner, we guess we'll believe you.

Then again, with Weiner's track record, it seems that he would almost be the ideal spokesperson for a dating app like Tinder. Just think about it — Tinder was practically made for serial sexters, allowing them to judge potential sexting partners based on photographs alone. Tinder operates by having its users either swipe right, indicating interest, or left, indicating disinterest on fellow users based on photos. If two people mutually swipe right on one another, they are matched, and can begin chatting with one another. And with its relative anonymity, Tinder can be somewhat under the radar.

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And it comes as absolutely no surprise that Weiner would favorite a tweet about Tinder's newest feature — Moments. The Vox article, which has gotten lost in all this Weiner drama, details the Snapchat-like feature of Tinder that allows users to share pictures with their matches that will last for all of 24 hours. This seems perfect for Weiner, who is constantly having to manually delete his own naughty pics. Moments takes care of that for him, though Weiner will still have to keep screenshot technology in mind.

Weiner went on to express his appreciation of Tinder later with another tweet, another not-so-great move for the married man.

Hopefully, Weiner's support of the company stops at his investment — finding his profile on the app is a disaster just waiting to happen.

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All in all, Weiner's claims of ignorance when it comes to how to operate Twitter are difficult to believe, particularly considering the topic. With over 23,000 followers, it seems that Weiner should exercise just a tad more caution when it comes to his social media activity, but who are we to judge?

Given Weiner's continued indiscretions with texting and other forms of social media, it certainly seems that he might need a refresher on privacy settings. And now, with this latest gaffe, there is mounting evidence to suggest that Weiner should seriously consider deactivating the account that has already cost him a seat in Congress, a chance at the mayorship, and certainly, his dignity.