Angela Merkel's Excited Face When Germany Beat Portugal Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Match

Angela Merkel: Germany's first female chancellor, one of the major architects of the European Union, trained physicist... and Merkel is more excited about the World Cup than about any of her other notable accomplishments. Like, she's really, really excited about it, illustrated by Merkel's excited face when Germany beat Portugal 4-0 Monday. Merkel is a passionate soccer enthusiast, and told ABC News that she was one of the German team's "biggest fans" And she's even more thrilled now that Germany clobbered Portugal, making soccer fans around the world rethink Cristiano Ronaldo's status as the World Cup's "best player."

According to Merkel's aides, her passion for the sport is unlimited, and during the Euro Cup in 2008, she was in constant contact with many of the German players. So great is her love for the game that she is even invited to give pep talks to the team in their locker room — after all, what could be more intimidating, er, encouraging, than having the leader of your country telling you not to lose?

Merkel's reputation is certainly one that should instill both fear and inspiration into her players' hearts. As the de facto leader of the European Union, Merkel is a force to be reckoned with, and as the New Yorker points out, "she often gets her way." Known for being unapologetically blunt yet an expert at building consensus, Merkel was and remains a key player in the Ukraine crisis, holding her own against Vladimir Putin, despite the Russian leader's attempts to intimidate her using his dogs. Merkel has also been one of the foremost supporters of climate change research efforts, and has made major strides in reducing the carbon footprint of her own country.

But when it comes to soccer, all these concerns seem to go out the window, and her focus is trained entirely on the match at hand. And while it might not be all fun and games — German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger told reporters in 2008 that Merkel admonished him for doing "stupid things" that got him kicked out of the match — the normally steely-dispositioned chancellor certainly has something to celebrate now with Germany's 4 - 0 victory. And boy, is she ever celebrating.

Here are some of her happiest moments at the game, and what she might have been thinking during them.

"Well, this is going way better than the Eurozone crisis!"

"Yes, I love my country more than these men."

"Why aren't we winning by more?"

"Come on, outrun the NSA's wire taps!"

"What good are you off the field?"

Glad you enjoyed the game, Madame Chancellor.