Anna Kendrick's Becoming a Princess

by Anna Klassen

If Pitch Perfect proved anything, it's that Anna Kendrick has stellar comedic timing and a killer set of pipes. So it's no surprise that Anna Kendrick's voice has been tapped for Trolls , a musical animation comedy by DreamWorks Animations. Kendrick will voice the role of Poppy, an always optimistic princess who interacts with the trolls — you know, those florescent colored dolls you played with as kids? The film itself acts as an origin story about why the beloved dolls have gravity-defying hair. With the success of Frozen, and the renewed success in the career's of its voice actors, i.e. Idina Menzel, Kendrick's popularity could make Trolls Frozen's successor.

It sounds just kooky enough to hold our attention, and with Kendrick headlining it's sure to be, if nothing else, a lot of fun. Director Mike Mitchell said of casting Kendrick:

Anna has proven herself to be a brilliant actress with an amazing singing voice. She'll inject Poppy with the exact mix of spirit, sass and song that will no doubt give a whole new life to the iconic Troll dolls.

The trolls have been around for a while, dating back to 1959 when a Danish finisherman couldn't afford a Christmas present for his daughter, so he carved her a wooden doll based on the legend of the Scandinavian troll. A few years later and the troll dolls were a 1960s craze. Their popularity may have died down in recent decades, but with a fresh new musical approach and Kendrick attached, there are no bridges these trolls can't cross (or hide under, or... you get it).