Jessie Ware's Single "Tough Love" Sounds Like the '80s in Space — LISTEN

Jessie Ware has been out of the game for two years now, but you wouldn't know it from her latest single. "Tough Love," which was released on Soundcloud Monday, is her first single since 2012's album Devotion, which produced the hit single "Wildest Moments." Although Devotion and her breakthrough single "Strangest Feeling" were incredibly successful, she dropped off the radar for the last two years, primarily touring the UK and US. Then she stopped touring in 2014, presumably to record "Tough Love" with popular collaborator Ed Sheeran. Thank goodness she did, because this single is amazing.

Let's talk about the things Jessie's improved since "Wildest Moments." Although her vocals are still very '90s R&B, she's no longer relying on a retro aesthetic to carry her music, which makes "Tough Love" feel more modern. That said, she seems to borrow a lot of '80s synth keyboards and drums for this track, but they sound so spaced-out and in sync with her soaring soprano that it's not an obnoxious throwback.

Speaking of her vocals, man are her high notes pretty. We may never be able to sing along with the crazy highs of this song, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate Jessie's alien-goddess abilities.