WHOA: 'Blossom' Reunited!

So... the cast of Blossom has reunited. So let's all get it out of our system now: WWWWHHHHOOOOAAAAA! (We're good — you good? Good.) Thanks to the eagle eyes over at Vulture, we were tuned into the snaps featured on Mayim Bialik's Twitter account. Oh my gosh, why? And more importantly — what did they talk about?!

Well we think we may have the answers for you (at least in part). Turns out the beloved 90s sitcom will be making its way to the Hub Network in July, so the cast members — including the impressively smart Bialik (and not just because she's on The Big Bang Theory now), Jenna Von Oy (her bestie forever, Six), Michael Stoyanov (B's older brother, Tony), and Joey Lawrence (that other brother and creator of the Whoa, Joey) — got together to gab and gossip about the series. And thankfully, we've got the Twitter and Instagram photos to prove it (don't worry, they're below).

As is the case with any good reunion of folks we particularly enjoy, another thought came to our mind, namely that of what these folks would talk about. Because let's be frank: it's been awhile since Blossom was on the air, and in that time a LOT has happened. They're all pretty different people, are they not? So we decided to create a topical list of things they likely were to have discussed during their on-set, off-screen time.



Who Whoa'd it Better: Lawrence or Keanu Reeves?

We've got to give this one to Keanu. Sorry Joey.

Who's a Better Hat Ambassador: Blossom or Pharrell?

No question. Duh.

Which Celebrity Gave the Best Dream Advice: ALF or Hugh Hefner?

Where Have You Been, Jenna Von Oÿ?

Seriously though, where?

And Why Wasn't Ted Wass Invited?!

As a director he's done more work than all of these folks combined. AND he was Blossom's dad! You never leave out dad.

Image: Giphy [2]